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Update Patch #1 - January 5th - January 7th

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  • Mind runes have been added to supply shop at home1818165786_mindrune.png.810c9492ad99965a61f485e1f7a7b7c9.png
  • Absorption potions are now able to be noted339168779_absorptionpotion.png.18ad5719e56c894ea9e1aa728e6eb7fb.png
  • Overload potions are now able to be noted1871397515_overloadpotion.png.5013908cd1ab9d5321e448c1e4a16a2e.png
  • Reduced amount of Rune of Protections you get from World boss and Donor boss
  • Emote tab has been rewritten as to not lag the server when clicked
  • Hailstorm's price check has been changed from 12,000,000 ( 12q ) to 15,000,000 (15q)89130695_hailstormsword.png.80e0f60d46dffb4590acaabe2321a6d6.png
  • olmlet pet price check has been changed from 750,000 ( 750t ) to 800,000 (800t)olmlet.png.b8f290c290b0feb8c960d01076aa26e6.png
  • Noted bones are now useable on altars with a limit of 28 at a time980981529_notedbones.png.ecf2df3dff1cbf1eb4c75f6a0cb82058.png
  • Display drop rate messages have been fixed and can now be toggled on or off ingame


  • When opening Hell chest, theres no longer the ability to lag out the server when claiming large quantities of Hell Keys
  • All Hell chests and Opened Hell chests have been removed from ingame drops
  • You can now use all Hell Keys on the chest that is located at home in the shop building
  • You can open one or open all Hell Keys on the chest, depending on the option you choose



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  • boyo changed the title to Update Patch #1 - January 5th - January 7th

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