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Complete Slayer Guide

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To start off with slayer, go to the Slayer Master (Duradel) by typing ::slayer, or by clicking ctrl+s on your keyboard.
There are 4 difficulties of slayer task to select from, each providing different monsters you can fight.

Easy and Medium slayer tasks have no requirement.
Hard slayer tasks require that you've done one full prestige.
Boss slayer tasks require that you've done five full prestiges.

Easy Slayer Task Monster List:

  • Hoof (2,400 HP) [::hoof]
  • Crystal Skeleton (1,200 HP) [::ckey] 
  • Undead Hero (20,000 HP) [::undead]
  • Mercenary Captain (8,000 HP) [::customzone]
  • Tome of Magic (4,000 HP) [::tome]
  • Insectoid Assassin (7,200 HP) [::insectoid]
  • Corrupt Lizard (3,200 HP) [::corruptlizard]
  • Ninja (4,800 HP) [::ninja]
  • Celestial Dragon (2,080 HP) [::celestial]

Medium Slayer Task Monster List:

  • Rainbow Unicorn (28,000 HP) [::rainbow]
  • Santa Animal (25,600 HP) [::santa]
  • Phat Monster (25,600 HP) [::phat]
  • Warped Terrorbird (27,200 HP) [::terrorbird]
  • Gorak (30,400 HP) [::gorak]
  • Charmeleon (32,000 HP) [::charmeleon]
  • Spongebob (35,200 HP) [::spongebob]
  • Construct (38,400 HP) [::construct]
  • Alien Demon (23,200 HP) [::alien]
  • Scyther (40,800 HP) [::scyther]
  • Lion (42,000 HP) [::lion]
  • Greyback (40,000 HP) [::greyback]
  • Totodile (44,000 HP) [::totodile]
  • Transformed Horse (46,000 HP) [::thorse]
  • Ganodermic Beast (30,000 HP) [::ganodermic]
  • Arrav Hero (40,000 HP) [::arrav]
  • Evil Turnip (48,000 HP) [::eturnip]
  • TzHaar-Xil (62,000 HP) [::tzhaar]
  • Fire Elemental (18,400 HP) [::moneyzone]

Hard Slayer Task Monster List:

  • Bork (60,000 HP) [::bork]
  • General Graardor (40,000 HP) [::bandos]
  • Barrelchest (64,000 HP) [::bca]
  • Forgotten Warrior (32,000 HP) [::forgotten]
  • Shadow Forger (10,000 HP) [::shadowforger]
  • Lucky Knight (400,000 HP) [::luckyknight]
  • Turtle (160,000 HP) [::turtle]

Boss Slayer Task Monster List:

  • K'ril Tsutsaroth (1,600,000 HP) [::kril]
  • Hank the Tank (3,200,000 HP) [::hank]
  • Skeleton Mage (72,000 HP) [Spellbook->Monster Teleports] 
  • Tormented Demon (380,000 HP) [::tds]
  • Corporeal Beast (600,000 HP) [::corp]
  • Donor Boss (280,000 HP) [Can only get there while on task, by doing ::totask]
  • Lucky Knight (400,000 HP) [::luckyknight]
  • Rage Vorago (320,000 HP * 2, with it's normal Vorago form, total 640,000 HP) [::omen]
  • Diablo (1,600,000 HP) [::diablo]
  • Evil Wise Old Man (4,000,000 HP) [::ewom]
  • Bal'lak the Pummeller (3,200,000 HP) [::pummeller]
  • Queen Black Dragon (800,000 HP * 4, QBD has 4 phases of 800K HP each, total 3,200,000 HP) [::qbd]
  • Trickster (8,000,000 HP) [::trickster]
  • Phoenix (4,000,000 HP) [::phoenix]

Slayer Task Streaks:
You can create a Slayer Task Streak by successfully completing x number of slayer tasks in a row, without blocking/cancelling it.
Maximum Slayer Task Streak point rewards(200 slayer tasks):

  • Easy: 100 Slayer Points
  • Medium: 150 Slayer Points
  • Hard: 200 Slayer Points
  • Boss 250 Slayer Points

Base Slayer Task point rewards:

  • Easy: 20 Slayer Points
  • Medium: 30 Slayer Points
  • Hard: 40 Slayer Points
  • Boss: 50 Slayer Points


Extending & Blocking Slayer Tasks:

Doing ::task will bring up this interface:


To extend a task, just click the "Extend" button in the top left of the interface. When you do, a chat box will appear asking you how much you'd like to extend your task by. This can be anywhere between 0 and 10,000 monsters. 
Different tiers of Slayer Tasks cost more or less slayer points to extend your task.

  • Easy: 0.05 Points per monster.
  • Medium: 0.20 Points per monster.
  • Hard: 1 Point per monster.
  • Boss: 2 Points per monster.

Ie: If you were to extend your medium slayer task by 90 monsters, it would cost you 18 slayer points.


To block a slayer task, you must first obtain one. Once you have, you can click the "Block task" button on the middle right of the interface, and be provided with some options:

  • The first option will block your task, reset your task to no slayer task, and reset your slayer task streak.
  • The second option will block your task, reset your task to no slayer task, and you can pay 1,000 Slayer points to KEEP your slayer task streak.
  • The third option will block your task and keep the current task, resulting in your slayer task streak being saved as well.


Superior Slayer Monsters:

Superior Slayer monsters are more powerful monsters that can spawn randomly while doing slayer tasks.
The chance for them to spawn changes depending on the difficulty of task you're doing.

  • Easy Task spawn chance: 1/550 
  • Medium Task spawn chance: 1/400 
  • Hard Task spawn chance: 1/300 
  • Boss Task spawn chance: 1/180 

A superior slayers monster's stats are based off of the original monster you're fighting. 
The base stats are increased by:

  • Health: Monster HP * 5 = Superior HP
  • Attack: Monster Attack * 1.5 = Superior Attack
  • Defense: Monster Defense * 2 = Superior Defense
  • Max Hit: Monster Max Hit * 2 = Superior Max Hit

Superior Slayer Monsters have their own loot tables as well.


  • 1000 1B Tokens


  • 5000 1B Tokens
  • Barrows Slayer Helmet
  • Shadow Slayer Helmet
  • Slayer Helmet
  • Slayer Platebody
  • Slayer Platelegs
  • Slayer Boots
  • Slayer Gloves
  • Slayer Scarf

The chance for a rare drop from a superior monster is based on the superior's max hp:
Chance: 1/(400M/SuperiorHP)
ie: If a Superior has 10M HP, the chance is: 1/(400M/10M) -> 1/40

Slayer Helmets:

You can purchase slayer helmets in the slayer shop. 
Slayer helmets provide varying amounts of droprate bonus while killing your slayer task monster, while also increasing in total cost.

  • Bronze Slayer Helm - 2%, costing 800 slayer points.
  • Iron Slayer Helm - 3%, costing 1200 slayer points.
  • Steel Slayer Helm - 4%, costing 1600 slayer points.
  • Black Slayer Helm - 5%, costing 2000 slayer points.
  • Mithril Slayer Helm - 6%, costing 2400 slayer points.
  • Adamant Slayer Helm - 7%, costing 2800 slayer points.
  • Rune Slayer Helm - 8%, costing 3200 slayer points.
  • Dragon Slayer Helm - 9%, costing 3800 slayer points.
  • Lava Slayer Helm - 10%, costing 4400 slayer points.
  • Lime Slayer Helm - 13%, costing 5000 slayer points.
  • Barrows Slayer Helm - 20%, obtainable via combining 2 lime slayer helmets.
  • Shadow Slayer Helm - 33%, obtainable via combining 2 barrows slayer helmets. (4 limes total.)
  • Gilded Slayer Helm - 50%, obtainable via combining 2 shadow slayer helmets. (8 limes total.)

All slayer helms in order:
(First helm is the regular slayer helmet)
- You can upgrade helmets tier by tier, using the Upgrade option, but it will cost 50 extra slayer points per tier.
- The Gilded Slayer Helm will give you double slayer points if worn upon task completion.


The Slayer Armor set from Superiors:

This set is purely cosmetic, it provides no advantages or stats, just looks badass.

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