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Guardian's Resistance Minigame (Guardian Armour)

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Guardian's Resistance Minigame Guide

Requirements: 500 1b tokens every time you wanna enter

Recommended: At least 43 prayer for protect from melee, Regular donator rank for ::bank access, loads of super restores in bank, Corrupt Light sword or better

Bonus ::droprate does NOT apply inside the minigame. - Its all RNG based.

How to start

Once you obtained the 500 1b token needed to enter. 

Teleport to ::guardian, and speak to the Aggressive mage


Pick the 2nd option in the chat log


Inside the cave

6 different NPCs are featured in this mini-game. One for each armour type that is available:

Helm, Plate, Legs, Boots, Gloves, Wings.
- You start off at a 1/60 drop rate chance at getting the first tier of every type of armour.

Then, each tier will increase the drop rate exponentially.
For example: If I have 3 out of 7 of the helms, I'll have a (60*3) drop rate chance, 

(don't have to finish full set to obtain a new pieces of for example gloves. you can go straight to golden one piece at a time)



Armour obtainable

Starting at tier 1. First piece of the armour obtainable is Sea Dragon ending with Golden Dragon

Last tier of the armour is a great med game set. as it offers a bonus droprate of 20% while wearing the full set. making it optimal for pvming/bossing.

Sea Dragon armour set Stats:


Green Dragon armour set Stats:


Pink Dragon armour set Stats:


Purple Dragon armour set Stats:


Blue Dragon armour set Stats:


Red Dragon armour set Stats:


Golden Dragon armour set Stats:

(Golden has a bonus effect of 20% bonus droprate!)







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