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Critical Strike & Deadly Strike Scrolls

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What are Critical Strike / Deadly Strike Scrolls?
They're scrolls you can apply to any weapon of your choosing to give it a little ability.

  • The Critical Strike Scroll adds the ability to do anywhere from 1-50% increased damage per hit.
  • The Deadly Strike Scroll adds the ability to do anywhere from 1-75% increased damage per hit.
  • Each Deadly Strike also applies a 5 tick burn (intervals of 1) that does damage equivalent to 10% of your hit.

The scrolls themselves look like this:

How to use Critical/Deadly Strike Scrolls:
Simply right-click the scroll, select use, and use it on a weapon.
The scrolls will show in your weapon's name, like this:

The scrolls on this sword have a 3% chance to deal 10% more damage every hit, and 2% chance to deal 15% more damage every hit.

How to use the Critical/Deadly Strikes:
Once you've used the scrolls on a weapon, use that weapon to fill up the two columns on the sides of your general interface:
(Yellow is Critical Strike build-up, Red is Deadly Strike build-up)

  • Once applied to a weapon, you always have a chance at dealing a critical and/or deadly strike, depending on the percent chance on the original scroll. (ie: the sword above has a 3% chance to hit a critical strike, and a 2% chance to hit a deadly strike.)
  • Every Critical or Deadly strike will increment their respective bar by 1-5 ticks, a total of 100 ticks to fill the bar.
  • Once full, you can click and activate either of the bars to give yourself a Critical Strike OR Deadly Strike buff. You cannot have both buffs at the same time.
  • The Critical Strike buff will make it so that every hit for the next minute will be a Critical Strike.
  • The Deadly Strike buff will make it so that every hit for the next minute will be a Deadly Strike.
  • You can only apply one Critical and one Deadly Strike Scroll per weapon.

How to Obtain Critical/Deadly Strike Scrolls:

  • Currently the only way to obtain these scrolls is through the webstore.
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