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How can buried weapons be obtained?

  • Buried Weapons can be obtained by clicking the object named "Buried Weapons" near ::slayer.
  • To successfully obtain a Buried Weapon, the player must use "Grip".

Where can I get Grip from and what does it mean?

  • Grip can be obtained from three places
  • Raids1 (::raids1)
  • Raids2 (::raids2)
  • Card Flips
  • Wheel spins

Grips come in 10 different percentages, ranging from 10% to 100%. The higher the percentage, the higher chance you have of successfully obtaining the Buried Weapon.

What does the name of the buried weapons mean?

  • The Buried Weapon's name has 3 parts separated by dashes (-)
  • Actual weapon name
  • Additional strength
  • [Current / Maximum] Durability
  • The 4th part does not get separated by a dash, and does not appear unless you apply Charges.

What is the base & the additional Strength you can obtain?

  • Sailor's' Cutlas
  • Base Strength: 8000
  • Additional Strength: Up to 7000
  • Maximum (Base + Additional): 15000
  • Lacroix's Widowmaker
  • Base Strength: 40000
  • Additional Strength: Up to 25000
  • Maximum (Base + Additional): 65000
  • Copperfield's Spiritbinder
  • Base Mage strength: 7500
  • Additional Strength: 25000
  • Maximum (Base + Additional): 32500
  • Saxon Warbow
  • Base Range Strength: 40000
  • Additional Strength: up to 7000
  • Maximum (Base + Additional) 47000
  • For all weapons, the following rates apply:
  • 70%: 0 to 1/4 Maximum Additional Strength
  • 20%: 0 to 1/2 Maximum Additional Strength
  • 7%: 0 to 2/3 Maximum Additional Strength
  • 3%: 0 to Maximum Additional Strength


What are Charges and how can you obtain them?

  • As long as your weapon has more than 100 Charges applied, it will have additional base strength when equipped. (10%)
  • Charges can be obtained by grinding items at the Item Exchanger
  • Charges obtained are equivalent to 10% of the weapon value in 1B tokens in Item Exchanger.
  • The amount of charges you can have on a weapon is unlimited.

How can weapon durability be repaired?

  • Each durability point can be repaired using 50 Hell Powder
  • A durability of 300 can consume 15000 Hell Powder.

How does durability decrease and what happens when it hits 0?

  • Every 100 hits taken with the weapon (Double/Special hits count as 1) decreases durability. By 1
  • Once durability hits 0. Additional strength no longer applies until repaired.
  • Charges no longer provide increased base strength until repaired.
  • Every 100 hits taken while durability is 0 will decrease Maximum Durability by 1. (Maximum durability cannot be repaired)
  • You will be notified in chat when your Current Durability is less than 10 and when Maximum durability is decreased.

Are the weapons un-tradeable forever?

  •  Yes 
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