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Any pet not listed within this guide, does at the moment not have any effects.

Hoof pet: 10% droprate if you're under 5,000 NPC Kills, 5% otherwise. 00aecbbc1856fdd92107441dced51030.png

Evil Hoof pet: 10% droprate under 5000, 7% under 10000 but over 5000, and 5% otherwise. 31c521d7aada8cf42e67c8296d598f1c.png

Vorago Pet: 10% chance to deal your max hit on next hit  1355003ca98d4480b2359df1f5b75de5.png

Prestigious Pet: 10% chance to deal your max hit on next hit (Every hit). 5% chance to deal triple damage on next hit. 1% drop rate for every 4 Prestige. Increases your chance of dodging incoming damage by 5%. Special recovery is increased by 50%. 99dd037896c2fe3974e3dbfb76041c03.png

Ninja Pet: Thieving will be 100% more successful (not 100% chance). 39ce26a77ab2b80a019662dc5dd863c7.png

Corporeal Beast Pet: 10% chance to reduce your next damage taken by 50%. defbecd21623bd725024339998200499.png

Tormented Demons Pet: 15% droprate at tormented demons (::tds) only. 9d1593ed26eac69a9e1d855e70bdb476.png

Vet'ion Pet: Recovers special 2x faster. e3cafc24fe57a4955d257448e26b8b17.png

Celestial Dragon Pet: Increases experience gained by Bone Crusher by 2x. 90c7ebb14331b50d46eb76c71165f67a.png

Warped Terrorbird Pet: Cuts all prayer drainage in half. 96e5b98943409d1b79c598f56aa2cc05.png

Giant Squirrel Pet: 5% Drop rate bonus, 2% chance to max hit, 5% chance to double max hit on next hit, 2% chance to block damage. Effects are stackable. 6e45ec97a3445b1c5368e73ccff4c3fa.png

Olmlet Pet: Gives 1-20% Drop rate bonus (random per kill), 5% chance to max hit, 2% chance to double max hit on next hit, 5% chance to do burn damage to NPC (30k per sec, for 7 secs). 1/75 Chance of rerolling a non-rare. a62f4eee260193fd2c60a46434975729.png

Diablo Pet: Diablo Pet gives 1-10% drop rate per kill and halves the time required to use "Operate" on Phantom Armour and QBD Armour. 53ba1118f002f4caf6e32e155563a535.png

Agrith naar (pet): Gives double the amount of hunter points, while hunting imps b882eec62505175097e166145c730a8a.png

Any pet not listed within this guide, does at the moment not have any effects.

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