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Update Patch #2 - RAIDS 2, Pet Re-Work, & MORE! [01/07 -> 01/30]

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Update Patch #2: [01/07 -> 01/30]

  • Evil Wise Old Man's freeze attack now lasts for 4 seconds, instead of 12 seconds.
  • The pikachu kill requirement is now 50 ckey monsters, instead of 100.
  • Fixed godbows equipping.
  • Moneybags has been renamed to Elite donator.
  • A new donator rank has been added, Royal donator ($6000 total donated).
  • A new donator rank has been added, Obsidian donator ($10,000 total donated).
  • Manager rank created for moon so he can look cooler/not be confused for admin or a developer.
  • Added stats to the new Tzhaar Mace.
  • Hell chest removed from mbox loot.
  • 'Shops' button in quick actions will now open up the universal shops.
  • Omega set is only rewarded once for attendance rewards.
  • Drop catcher only consumes a use (if it has one) if it actually catches an item. (it doesn't if it's still set to default).
  • Fixed several nulls/errors that were being thrown.
  • No longer need to remove equipment in order to prestige.
  • Fixed range not working for custom bow donations.
  • Nox staff is now equip-able
  • Golden dragon platebody visuals fixed
  • Dark armor set and Lighting set added
  • Information tab Discord member count update
  • Equipment Set system redone: Now allows for us to define individual set/piece bonuses that can be displayed more proficiently for players.
  • Fix for certain equipment sets providing wrong equipment set box.
  • Equipment set exchanging cleaned up, works more proficiently.
  • Fixed mode item information hovers now appear at bottom right of gameplay screen rather than behind gameframe. (Proper fix for this issue will be provided later)
  • Equipment sets now display the contained items on item information hovers
  • Clean up item hovers
  • "NPC DB" changed to "Npc DB" on quick actions
  • "Shops" quick action now open the first shop tab on universal shops interface
  • Renaming all instances of "Useful tab" to "Quick actions tab"
  • Implementation of set bonuses/effects
  • Hit masks now display damages above 64k
  • Crystal Key npc replaced (Old one was ... eh)
  • Removed (un)opened hell chest as a drop from TD/Trickster
  • Website staff online display fixed
  • Costume tab + Equipment tab now are one tab.
  • Costumes display can now be toggled by clicking the same costume tab button.
    • When costumes are toggled, attempting to equip an item will instead attempt to equip it as a costume (The option changes from "Wear" to "Wear Costume")
  • Items that are meant to be hidden on interfaces will now also hide their options
  • CKEY task scrolls work now.
  • Discord role linking is now fixed.
  • Shop button in the quick actions only works at home now.
  • Fixed a big oof that I did with item upgrading.
  • Fixed sword guardian respawning. The Guardian Assault minigame should work flawlessly now.
  • New Referral Boxes have been added to the server.
  • Potion decanting has been fully re-written to work properly.
  • A new NPC has been added to home who can decant a full inventory of potions for you (noted or un-noted).
  • Quick actions discord button now counts toward the linking your discord achievement progress.
  • New "Damage Tracker" feature has been added to the server.
  • Fixed the handle position of the hailstorm sword.
  • ::tempvc discord command has been added.
  • Removed golden key area teleport from the teleport interface.
  • Formatted damage tracking a little bit better than before.
  • Damage tracking now saves on logout.
  • A 'temporary' custom armour set has been created to give people who donated for a custom set a placeholder set while they're waiting.
  • Fixed several errors that were lagging the server/causing issues.
  • Old Bank pin system was removed. Will be remaking it in a later update.
  • The "Impling portal" has been removed from lumbridge/old functionality removed.
  • New Omen Maul Quest was added. You can find it in your tasks list.
  • Pikachu has been replaced with the new "Hoof" NPC, as well as the pets and some of the junk drops have been removed with more new drops to be added later.
  • Sonic has been replaced with the new "Corrupt Lizard" NPC.
  • Corrupt Lizard's now have a new PET and we removed some of the junk drops. More new drops to be added later.
  • Increased the price of raids one entrance fees.
    • Balanced: 25t -> 50t
    • Death: 50t -> 100t
  • Nerfed item grinder from 60% to 40%
  • New Lucky Knight Models added.
  • Item Donation Well activation price is increased from 200t to 750t.
  • Broken NPC animations have been fixed, i.e. QBD.
  • QBD's combat mechanics are fixed.
  • QBD's firewall has been fixed.
  • Teleporting out of QBD no longer takes you to a black screen.
  • Using items on other players in raids now works correctly.
  • Bug fixed where bosses that have attacks without projectiles weren't working correctly.
  • Bug fixed where bosses with non-multi attacks wouldn't work.
  • Shop item limit is now 60.
  • 10$ Total donated scroll added to the donation store in-game.
  • Huge XP lamps removed from vote store.
  • Huge XP lamps added to the slayer shop for 1k.
  • Trickster's damage now works correctly
  • Cleaned up the woodcutting skill.
  • Nex and Minitran animations fixed.
  • Pets now display to everyone around you, instead of being hidden.
  • Npc targeting has been re-written.
  • Pets were previously just hard-coded everywhere. There is now a proper system for pet's.
  • Pets now follow you properly and teleport to you if they're out of range.
  • Boss Npcs with range/magic now correctly attack you.
  • NPCs can now move properly in raids.
  • Right click walk here has been fixed.
  • Fixed several issues with NPC Pathing.
  • Fixed several issues with clipping for maps.
  • Fixed Pummeller.


Raids 2:

  • Teleport command was made beta/local only.
  • Requirements have been updated for normal difficulty.
  • Hellfire pickaxes/hellfire ore/hellfire bars are now usable.
  • Exit portal added to the end of raids 2.
  • Two more key guardian spawns were added in the skilling puzzle room.
  • Fixed an issue where you would spawn in a blank room on start.
  • Inferno Demon Model Fixed.
  • Fixed Vyrelord's combat mechanics.
  • Fixed Galvek combat mechanics.
  • Mining now works properly in the cannon room.
  • Vyrelord animations now work properly.
  • Flaming pyrelord attack distance fixed.
  • Updated the items that you can use on another player.
  • Lava dragons attack distance fixed.
  • Venenatis attack distance fixed.
  • Vyrelord attack distance fixed.
  • Raids Hell Chests all renamed.
  • Fixed a bug for room completion being behind by 1.
  • Raid Melee boss's teleport special attack chance nerfed.
  • Buffed cannon room for nightmare.
  • Fixed Nechryarch attack distance.
  • Fixed Skeletal mage attack distance.
  • Fixed teleporting out of raids.
  • Fixed stun spam messages.
  • Interface now closes on teleport out of end of raid.
  • Make sure the raid is done before letting them tele out.
  • Skilling Room Shop Npc now works correctly.
  • Aggression issue fixed with all npcs in raids.
  • Made the Lever room messages easier to read.
  • Fixed several areas in raids 2 that only worked because clipping was broken.
  • Added object click delays in the skilling room so you didn't glitch out.
  • Fixed several issues with the maps.
  • Fixed an issue where raid party deaths resulting in a fail were not correctly clearing old npcs or teleporting you out to the correct location.
  • Fog damage can no longer damage you after the raid is over, if you fail.
  • The cannon can no longer damage npcs after the room is complete with left over cannonballs.
  • Displaying strength bonus addition for raids 2 no longer spams your console.
  • Cannon room no longer increments room count on death.
  • Npcs are now correctly despawned after the raid is complete.
  • The cannon can no longer kill your pets.
  • The interface now disappears when the raid ends or you leave.
  • Riddle room force movement jumps fixed. No longer bug-able.


Donator Benefit Changes/Additions:

  • Chance to 1-hit what you're killing:
    • donator -> VIP = 1/2050
    • Sponsor = 1/1025
    • Elite donator = 1/750
    • Royal donator = 1/650
    • Obsidian donator = 1/550
  • Chance for the item you're grinding to give you double the value:
    • Donator -> Divine = 0%
    • VIP = 3%
    • Sponsor = 6%
    • Elite donator = 9%
    • Royal donator = 12%
    • Obsidian donator = 15%
  • Drop rate bonus:
    • Regular 5%
    • Super 10%
    • Extreme 15%
    • Legendary 20%
    • Divine 25%
    • VIP 30%
    • Sponsor 40%
    • Elite 50%
    • Royal 65%
    • Obsidian 80%




Damage Tracker:

Proper decanting of potions in your inventory:

New Decanting Npc:

Hoof Npc:

Corrupt Lizard Npc:

Lucky Knights:






Development Team

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