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  1. To start off with slayer, go to the Slayer Master (Duradel) by typing ::slayer, or by clicking ctrl+s on your keyboard. There are 4 difficulties of slayer task to select from, each providing different monsters you can fight. Easy and Medium slayer tasks have no requirement. Hard slayer tasks require that you've done one full prestige. Boss slayer tasks require that you've done five full prestiges. Easy Slayer Task Monster List: Hoof (2,400 HP) [::hoof] Crystal Skeleton (1,200 HP) [::ckey] Undead Hero (20,000 HP) [::undead] Mercenary Captain (8,000 HP) [::c
  2. What are Critical Strike / Deadly Strike Scrolls? They're scrolls you can apply to any weapon of your choosing to give it a little ability. The Critical Strike Scroll adds the ability to do anywhere from 1-50% increased damage per hit. The Deadly Strike Scroll adds the ability to do anywhere from 1-75% increased damage per hit. Each Deadly Strike also applies a 5 tick burn (intervals of 1) that does damage equivalent to 10% of your hit. The scrolls themselves look like this: How to use Critical/Deadly Strike Scrolls: Simply right-click the scroll, select use
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