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  1. no.. but i can't edit my own topics atm :s will change when i can
  2. Guardian's Assualt Minigame Guide Requirements: 250 1b token every time you wanna enter. Recommended: at least 43 prayer, regular donor rank for ::bank access, oblite sword+offhand. How to start Once you obtained the 250 1b token needed to enter. Teleport to ::guardian, and speak to the Aggressive mage Pick the first option in the chat log Once in the cave. you're gonna see 'sword guardians' Start killing these to obtain the Guardian swords 🙂 Different Tier of swords The minigame offers 10 different tiers of sword. from
  3. Quick guide on how to prestige There is a few different way to level up your prestige. Doing hunter - for exp lamp Voting - to buy exp lamps Pvming - for exp lamp (passive prestige levels) (Scroll to the bottom if you wanna know how to start getting prestige levels) Prestige doing the hunter skill (Click intensive) requirements: None Items recommended: Agrith Naar pet ( gives x2 hunter points), x4 EXP ring, X2 EXP buff (or pot) Items required: Butterfly net, impling jars ( both can be bought from 'Tamayu' To get started: Click on the hunter
  4. World Boss Loot Table: Common: (70% chance of getting a common drop) - x50 Mystery Box - x5000 1b tokens. - x5 opened hellchests. - x400 slayer point tickets. - x3 of any of the dbl pots. Un-Common: (26% chance of getting an un-common drop) - Any piece of the tzhaar set. (including boots and gloves now) - Any piece of the steel 3rd age set. - Any piece of the devious 3rd age set. - x3 ROP 1/2 - x100 donation point tickets. - x10 of any of the dbl pots. - Tyrant Shard 1 Blueprint. - Tyrant Shard 2 Blueprint. Rare: (3% chance of getting an rare drop)
  5. Custom Spirit Shield Breakdown. This will be a simple little guide to outline each Spirit Shield and what each custom spirit shield offer. The 'operate' Spirit Shields have a 15-30 second cool down on there 'operate'options. All these spirit shields can be obtained by purchasing from players or dropped from ::corp Doom Spirit Shield Doom Spirit Shield gives you a 10% chance of next hit doubling in damage. This shield is not the worst out of these shields. pretty self explanatory, the higher your base hit the bigger the number. Lava Spirit Shield Lava Spir
  6. The following items are dropped by: Prosperous Ore: Mobs with 0 - 100k hp Quality Stone: Mobs with 0 - 100k hp Caskets: ALL MOBS Heaven Stone: ALL MOBS ROP I: ALL MOBS ROP II: 100k - 200m hp ROP III: 250k - 200m hp ROP IV: 500k - 200m hp Finest Heaven Stone: Mobs with 20m - 200m hp
  7. Upgrade Stones: To upgrade enter ::upgrade into the chatbox LUCKY ORE: Can be used with Heaven Stone to turn into Lucky Heaven Stone HEAVEN STONE: This item can be combined with Lucky ore to be turned into a Lucky Heaven Stone. It can also be used to upgrade any item. This item should always be used to upgrade any item to +1 as it is always 100% successful. LUCKY HEAVEN STONE: This item is used to upgrade any item, it can be used anywhere from +1 to +10 PROSPEROUS ORE: Can be upgraded with Quality Stone to turn into Prosperous Quality Stone QUALITY STONE: Thi
  8. Any pet not listed within this guide, does at the moment not have any effects. Hoof pet: 10% droprate if you're under 5,000 NPC Kills, 5% otherwise. Evil Hoof pet: 10% droprate under 5000, 7% under 10000 but over 5000, and 5% otherwise. Vorago Pet: 10% chance to deal your max hit on next hit Prestigious Pet: 10% chance to deal your max hit on next hit (Every hit). 5% chance to deal triple damage on next hit. 1% drop rate for every 4 Prestige. Increases your chance of dodging incoming damage by 5%. Special recovery is increased by 50%. Ninja Pet: Thieving will be 100%
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