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    • no.. but i can't edit my own topics atm :s will change when i can  
    • When you put 2k+ charges in the maul it becomes infinite charges  
    • I want too put a post here of all the tips and tricks that new members or even old may not know. I'll start by adding two that I know of. After 1k Rage vorago and 1k Tormented demon kills, you will get a 1 handed damage boost, this will increase with every 25 TD kills or 10 Rage vorago kills You can add 'item charges' to a Omens Maul' too give it an 'Auto smash' ability (which consumes charges per smash) Please comment any more you may know below and I will add them to the master post.   Hope this will help some players  
    • prest and vorago pet are the same?
    • Guardian's Assualt Minigame Guide Requirements: 250 1b token every time you wanna enter. Recommended: at least 43 prayer, regular donor rank for ::bank access, oblite sword+offhand. How to start Once you obtained the 250 1b token needed to enter.  Teleport to ::guardian, and speak to the Aggressive mage Pick the first option in the chat log Once in the cave. you're gonna see 'sword guardians'  Start killing these to obtain the Guardian swords 🙂    Different Tier of swords The minigame offers 10 different tiers of sword. from water to light guardian sword. This minigame is ALL RNG based. meaning your bonus ::droprate wont work here.   Water Guardian sword  1/60 drop chance - 1/10 Lime Guardian sword  1/60 drop chance - 2/10 Sun Guardian sword  1/120 drop chance - 3/10 Golden Guardian sword  1/180 Drop chance - 4/10 Sea Guardian sword  1/240 drop chance - 5/10 Rose Guardian sword  1/300 drop chance - 6/10 Grape Guardian sword  1/360 drop chance - 7/10 Fire Guardian sword   1/420 drop chance - 8/10 Night Guardian sword  1/480 drop chance - 9/10 Light Guardian sword  1/540 drop chance - 10/10   Turning light into corrupt sword  after you obtained all of the guardian sword from the guardians. you can now start working on upgrading it to corrupt. You need to ::upgrade the light sword to +5 then speak to aggressive mage once again. Pick option 1 ' Guardians's Assult' - then 'Exchange light guardian sword' to exchange it for corrupt sword.   Your gonna need 'Prosperous Quality Stones' - made by Quality stone combined with Prosperous type ::upgrade, click the Prosperous ore, Then the quality stone.- interface should look like this Confirm, and you now got a Prosperous Quality Stones. - now click the Light sword. then the pros-quality stone and confirm 1st upgrade(+1) is always 100%!. Continue still you hit +5.    
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