Raids 2 Released!

Raids 2 is finally upon us! With this update you can experience all new gameplay, items, and more. Hop in today to experience it for yourself.

Joined: Aug. 21, 2020
Update Patch - 10/8/20 COLLECTION LOG!

This update brings a couple of new systems that start to bring more competitiveness to Lumbridge!

We're introducing a Boss Log/Collection Log system that features brand new stats on what you and your friends have done on Lumbridge! This unlocks brand new potentials for us. Coming soon tm Will be a sort of highscores on the website. However, we all know that a highscores that features levels is near-pointless on lumbridge. So we will instead rank players based on prestige and kill count! We could also eventually display collection logs on the site!

You can access this interface using, ::collect

We've also completely rewritten the Event Boss system in preparation for brand new event bosses!



Other Updates:

  • Exclusive shop has been readded
  • cache's custom weapons added
  • Pikachu now requires ckey kills
  • gkey removed
  • ckey area has been revamped!

Posted Oct. 08, 2020
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Update Patch - 9/28/19 - Wheel Spins!

Hey boys! We've had 4 minor updates since the last one so we'll combine all of the updates into this post!

The most notable recent update is the new spin wheel! The spin wheel functions similarly to flips except you will receive one item that is shown on the wheel when it is loaded. If you aren't happy, you can reshuffle the items on the board for 10 new ones. You can do this twice per spin for free, any shuffles after will cost a spin.



  • Updated the names for Burried Weapons
  • Ninja NPC now has correct animations
  • Corrected Dusty Gloves model
  • Corrected Pikachu model
  • Gamble logging now functions properly
  • Players are no longer notified when staff teleports to them >:)
  • Name changing now accepts names with a space
  • Name changing now accepts names with numbers
  • Removed some old "Imagineps" references
  • Characters are now backed up every 2 hours instead of 12.
  • Auctions are now logged
  • Skill point messages are now filterable
  • Combat levels now update properly on the combat interface
  • Withdraw All But One now functions properly
  • Add "Add to pouch" for coins
  • Amulet of Fury t10 now drops from scyther
  • Stairs fixed at ::gkey
  • Oomlie bird animations corrected
  • Task scrolls are now droppable
  • Dual wield animations now function properly
  • Corrected an issue that caused players to lock on login
  • New players will now join the lumbridge clan chat
  • Players now receive proper donator points when failing a gamble from the web store.
  • Corrected an issue that allowed players to gather infinite skill points
  • Discord bot rewritten from scratch
  • ::elitedamage command was added
  • Elite armor equipment defs are now correct
  • New model added for spin tickets
  • Spin ticket reward claiming added
  • Lucky Heaven Stone updated to give 50% success rate

Posted Sep. 28, 2020
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Update Patch - 09/19/20 - STARWARS?!

Been a long and hectic night but we're here to bring you more content to the tiered progression system that imagi.... Lumbridge has to offer! ;)

This new minigame can be accessed from the ::reqs interface or by simply typing ::starwars. We've inserted the requirements for this minigame right below Lucky Knights, so if you're no longer able to kill them, That's why! Once you arrive at the custom map made for this minigame, simply speak to BB8 and start the rumble!


Once you start the minigame, you will have to fight off 10 waves of Droids wielding blasters and cannons!

On completion you're guaranteed to receive a piece of Commander gear, a Light Saber, a Blaster or a Laser Cannon! In order to fight Lucky Knights, you will need to obtain the full commander set and a light saber.


In Other news we have also released several new additions:

  • Trivia Bot has been re-enabled with new up-to-date questions!
  • Evil Turnip Shop has been fixed!
  • Agility Point Shop has moved to the gnome course and items corrected.
Posted Sep. 19, 2020
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