Raids 2 Released!

Raids 2 is finally upon us! With this update you can experience all new gameplay, items, and more. Hop in today to experience it for yourself.

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Update Patch - 11/9/2020 - Equipment Stats Interface | Automatic Donation Deals

Hello Lumbridge Community!

Another day, another UPDATE! This is a Quality of Life update as we prepare to start advertising in the next few weeks. I'm trying to get as much done as I can before we start advertising so that new players will be WOW'd and returning players will be impressed and give us another shot! If you have any suggestions on how I can further improve the game, feel free to post a forum thread or post them in our #suggestions discord channel!

Equipment Stats Interface:


  • Access this interface by clicking the 'Equipment Stats' button in the useful tab.
  • You are able to filter between all bonus types as well as item types, to display the best -> worst sets in-game.

Automatic Donation Deals:

  • I got tired of posting random donation deals in the discord manually everyday so I wrote a system to do it automatically!
  • A new, randomized donation deal will automatically occur every 24 hours in-game.
  • The rewards/bonuses will be automatically deposited into your inventory or bank when you claim your regular store purchase.
  • Deals can be specific for a day of the week, the weekend, or a 'flash' sale which will only last for one hour.
  • You can use ::donationdeal to view what the current donation deal is.
  • The donation deal will also be displayed on login in your chatbox.

General Updates:

  • Pikachu Pet Requirement has been fixed.
  • Recover special attack potions have been fixed.
  • Rewrote overloads to work with buff system, cleaner, save on logout, have proper damage, and animation ticks.
  • The overload positioning has been fixed in the buff's list.
  • Achievements have been fixed.
  • Double Strength potions have been fixed.
  • ::maxhit has been fixed.
  • "x" amount was sending the packet in another place without correct parameters, this has been fixed.
  • Vial smash was removed due to new consumables system, re-added it.
  • Npc's are no longer animation-less on interfaces that display their models.
  • Fixed Daily Rewards not-registering correctly which one you've completed.
  • Reflection Shield Buff has been fixed. (Works for all HP levels now, instead of only 0->25%.
  • Consumables now have a proper delay in-between uses.
  • XP Rings have been re-added.
  • Stackable food is now able to be consumed.
  • Disabled the omen mine & dominion head quests (until they're re-written).
  • Fixed an issue w/ removing players from the raid.
  • Double Drop rate has been removed from the lucky teddy bear.
  • Removed the fires from the hank the tank room.
  • The announcement for milestone kill counts has been fixed.
  • Thieving, Herblore, Crafting, Mining XP rates has been modified.
  • Healing now allows your HP to go past 125 if the item/bonus allows it.
  • Objects that had broken clicking are now fixed (grinder, altars, etc).
  • The new quests now give proper rewards instead of 100 coins.
  • Custom bones now work properly.
  • Imp catching & butterfly catching has been re-written.
  • 'impling' points are now called 'hunter' points.
  • You now get a default of 1 hunter point per successful impling caught.
  • All achievements are now working concerning hunter.
  • Impling jar rewards have been re-written.
  • Removed several useless junk loots.
  • Removed eye-blinding color when claiming rewards.
  • Zeus chest-piece is now fixed.
  • ::zeus command now takes you to the gate position.
  • Arrav death cape has been re-named.
  • Universal drops are now added into your collection log. (ROPs, Heaven stones, etc..)
  • Nerfed the reward for the turtle requirement and the arrav requirement.
  • Fixed several broken equipment sets.
  • Cleaned up redeeming store products in-game, removed the ugly colors from messages, etc..
  • Gambling now requires a minimum of 10k NPC kills before you're allowed to host or request someone, instead of 500.
  • All agility courses have been re-written.
  • Prestige agility objects work again.

More updates on the way, over the next few weeks! Make sure to stay up-to-date with everything by joining our discord server!



Posted Nov. 09, 2020
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Update Patch - 10/30/2020 - Requirements Re-work | Daily Activities

Hey guys!

Really proud of this update patch, it's a rather large one. As many of you may have heard; I've taken the position of main owner of the server while Pat steps back to handle some IRL responsibilities. Since taking the reigns, I've tried to look at many of the suggestions and most requested fixes/features that people have wanted since the release of the server and crank them out as fast as I could! I believe this update patch is a good start at reaching our goal of hitting 50+ players online at all times, as it vastly improves the game-play featured on the server thus-far.

Daily Activities & Daily Attendance Rewards:


  • There will be daily activities that you can complete in-game, for new rewards in-game each day. I'll be changing these activities/rewards up every few weeks.
  • You now receive a daily reward for meeting the attendance requirement, which can be claimed via the interface. When you hit 7 days in a row logged in, you will receive a bonus attendance item which is also claimed in the new interface.
  • The new items being introduced include things such as a skilling casket, new buffs, and more!
  • You are able to teleport right to each daily activity through the interface as well as check the drops of the npc if it's a kill task.
  • You can track your daily task progress and open this interface by typing ::dailyrewards or ::daily.
  • This interface will open up on login for you.

Requirements System Rework:


  • The Requirements system as well as the interface has been re-worked.
  • You can now easily see which NPC's you need kill and how many, as well as the item drops that you need to get to unlock the next zone.
  • After unlocking a new zone; you're now eligible to receive a zone reward after killing 250x of the zone npc.

General Updates:

  • Rune of Protection I has been added as a universal drop for any NPC.
  • Rune of Protection II,III,IV have been added as a universal drop for any NPCs with the health of at-least 100k up to 200m.
  • The Hard Trophy now gives a 7.5% damage bonus, instead of 10%.
  • The Elite Trophy now gives 12.5% damage bonus, instead of 15%.
  • The QBD Set special attack damage modifier is now randomized from 2x -> 7x damage, instead of 3x -> 6x damage.
  • The Tyrant set & Reaper Set have a 10% chance to hit the special attack damage modifier instead of 15%... If you land on the special attack damage modifier for the Tyrant Set or Reaper Set, you have a 10% chance to hit 3x damage and a 50% chance to do 2x damage.
  • Rage Set now has a 1/10 chance to do 1.5x damage on-hit. *Was previously 1.25*
  • The Easy Trophy now gives a 2.5% damage bonus.
  • The Reaper Set now has a 10% chance to do 1.5x damage, instead of a 5% chance to do 2x damage.
  • The Tyrant Set now has a 5% chance to hit the damage multiplier table, instead of 4%... If you land on the damage multiplier table for the Tyrant Set, you have a 1/4th chance to do 3x damage, otherwise, you'll hit 2x damage.
  • The Raids One Set now has a 7% chance to hit the damage multiplier table, instead of 5%... If you land on the damage multiplier table for the Raids Set, you have a 1/4th chance to do 3x damage, otherwise, you'll hit 2.1x damage.
  • If you're wearing the donator set or the celestial donator set, you now do 2.2x spec damage, instead of 2x spec damage.
  • The Raids One Armour Set now gives a 1.3x special attack accuracy bonus instead of 1.2x
  • Vote Rewards have been updated:
  • You still get 'x' vote books based on how many votes you claim.
  • You will now receive a double melee, magic, range, and XP BUFF (which last 30 minutes) when claiming your votes.
  • If you vote on all 4 sites, you'll get a BONUS wheel spin ticket which can be used at
  • The Vote Shop has been reworked in-game.
  • The consumables system has been completely re-written. (This includes, food, potions, buffs, etc).
  • Map Objects now load correctly.
  • Ckey Monsters names have been fixed in definitions.
  • New Daily Reward Activities have been added.
  • Several new item/npc definitions have been added for future updates.
  • Taverley city teleport works now.
  • Prestige damage bonus increase has been redone.
  • All types: 0.04% * prestige level damage increase (till prestige 100), 0.02% * prestige level damage increase (for all prestige beyond 100)
  • For example:
  • Prestige 100 will provide a bonus of: 4% damage increase.
  • Prestige 200 will provide a bonus of: 6% damage increase.
  • Prestige 500 will provide a bonus of: 12% damage increase
  • Prestige 1000 will provide a bonus of: 22% damage increase
  • The world boss has been updated.
  • Spawning should be fixed now.
  • The World boss only freezes players if more than 5 players are attacking him. The freeze lasts for 5-6 seconds.
  • The World boss only 1-hits players if more than 10 players are near him.
  • Players can no longer attempt to hit the world boss during the preparation stage.
  • The World boss now does 90% of the players total CURRENT HP, instead of 1-HITTING the target for his special attack.
  • The following skills have been completely re-written:
  • Crafting
  • Cooking
  • Mining
  • Fletching
  • Fishing
  • Herblore
  • Prayer
  • Runecrafting
  • Thieving
  • The Raids One NPC Health modifier formula has been nerfed for harder difficulties.
  • The Death Timer is now 5 minutes, instead of 10 minutes.
  • The Death Timer also no longer stacks if a timer is still active.
  • If you reach 25k NPC KC, you now receive 25$ toward your total donation amount (enough to give regular players the basic donation rank.
  • Removed the Star wars Minigame from the ::reqs.
  • Changed the color of the drops notification.
  • Removed "Check-Charges" options from several items that didn't need them. Changed "Morph" to "Wear" on those as well.
  • Renamed Totodile "cape" to Totodile Tail.
  • Npc's no longer drop modified weapons (plussed weapons).
  • Buffed the Arcane Blast Necklace
  • Nerfed the supreme tzhaar armour set.
  • Buffed the Heavy Dragon bone armour set.
  • Tiger chainbody has been removed from ursaring drops. Tiger set requirement now uses the platebody, instead of the chainbody.
  • G Key Achievement removed.
  • The quest system has been completely re-written. We have 10 new quests for you to do! (The old quests are being re-made to be less, crap).
  • Revamped health to work along with other skills instead of follow combat level.
  • Skills have a max at level 125 now.
  • The useful tab has been completely re-done.
  • The first halloween event has been enabled (::halloween).

More updates on the way, over the next few weeks! Make sure to stay up-to-date with everything by joining our discord server!



Posted Oct. 30, 2020
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Update Patch - 10/8/20 COLLECTION LOG!

This update brings a couple of new systems that start to bring more competitiveness to Lumbridge!

We're introducing a Boss Log/Collection Log system that features brand new stats on what you and your friends have done on Lumbridge! This unlocks brand new potentials for us. Coming soon tm Will be a sort of highscores on the website. However, we all know that a highscores that features levels is near-pointless on lumbridge. So we will instead rank players based on prestige and kill count! We could also eventually display collection logs on the site!

You can access this interface using, ::collect

We've also completely rewritten the Event Boss system in preparation for brand new event bosses!



Other Updates:

  • Exclusive shop has been readded
  • cache's custom weapons added
  • Pikachu now requires ckey kills
  • gkey removed
  • ckey area has been revamped!

Posted Oct. 08, 2020
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